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Gary is (or perhaps was) a resident of Vault 108 in Fallout 3 and the subject of a experiment resulting in the creation of numerous clones. When the player happens upon the vault, he or she finds it populated entirely by Gary clones, all of whom are imbalanced and attack anyone on-sight that isn't Gary. The clones are incapable of saying anything other the word than "Gary."


It is unclear why the scientists within Vault 108 attempted to produce clones of Gary, but it is known that there are fifty-four of them. It's speculated that since Vault 108's armory had enough weapons for three times its population, the scientists wanted to create a clone army for when the vault would open in twenty years. When the cloning began, each clone showed hostility to anyone that wasn't Gary. This hostility increased vastly as more clones were produced.

The scientists had created fifty-three clones before they realized they couldn't invert the clones' hatred for anyone that wasn't Gary. The final straw was Gary 54, who attacked and injured a doctor while he was being examined. The vault scientists were quickly running out of space to contain all the Gary clones, and shortly after the incident with Gary 54 they decided to kill all the Garys in order to make way for new experiments. It is rumored that the Garys heard of this plan and revolted. When they escaped their holding cells, they went on a killing spree and murdered everyone in the vault that wasn't a Gary clone. The Garys that survived the revolt either stayed within the vault or wandered off into the Wasteland.

In the Operation: Anchorage DLC, the player can encounter a Gary outside of Vault 108. Gary 23 can be found dead behind a locked door with his arm ripped off in Bailey's Crossroads Outpost. Gary 23 was captured by the Outcast and interrogated in order to get him to give up his Pip-Boy 3000 so that the Outcast could gain access to the simulation. However, Gary 23's inability to communicate or understand the Outcast led to the Outcast becoming impatient and a chainsaw was used to cut off Gary 23's arm. The clone died of the severe blood loss as a result.

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