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The Ghast occupies a position somewhere near the bottom rung of Myth's undead hierarchy. Without the durability of Thrall or the long range capability of Soulless, they are a peculiar creation that lacks a clearly defined role amongst the armies of the Dark. For this reason, Ghasts are usually deployed to clear out areas where little or no resistance is expected, such as unprotected villages. With time, as their bodies continue to fester and decompose, Ghasts evolve, or perhaps more accurately, they further deteriorate, becoming the much more deadly Wight, a variety of undead so rife with vile corpse gases and disease that they are little more than pestilent ambulatory explosives.


Ghast concept sketch
Ghast concept sketch

Created specifically from the bodies of the recently deceased, Ghasts display a few properties that are uncommon among other undead. Being that they are in an active state of decomposition, the touch of a Ghast has negative effects far beyond the physical harm inflicted. Each blow conveys a portion of their putrescent matter to the recipient, with effects ranging anywhere from nausea to serious infection. Furthermore, there is a chance in the course of their attacks that pieces of their rotting flesh will adhere to their targets, causing additional psychological distress to their victims.

While Thrall and Soulless are completely without recollection of their former selves, Ghasts have been documented under certain circumstances to betray some recognition of their past lives, albeit only faintly. This may manifest itself in a Ghast who responds to his own name or gravitates toward an object or place that was once of importance to him. Unfortunately, such instances of remembrance usually result in only a few scant moments of hesitance before the Ghast resumes its normal activities.

Role in the Series

Unsurprisingly given their frail nature, Ghasts are not seen often outside Myth II's first few campaign missions. They do not possess sufficient hit points with which to compete with other melee units or to close the gap with ranged units effectively. This makes surprise attacks and coordination with other units crucial in order to leverage their one real advantage: a touch which induces paralysis. If they can be maneuvered close enough to unwary units, their hapless victims won't have the luxury of running away, as the first hit from a Ghast will lock them in place. They are fairly quick for an undead unit, and also enjoy the ability to lurk underwater indefinitely like Thrall and Wights.

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