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    The Gibson SG is one of Gibson's most famous Guitars, and is featured prominently in the Guitar Hero series of games.

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    The Gibson SG made its debut in the world of video games when a replica version of it was used as a controller in the first Guitar Hero. The striking double-horned body and legacy as the guitar of choice for many players such as Angus Young made it a perfect fit for the game's controller. The SG has remained in all Guitar Hero games since, either in the form of the controller, or a instrument used by the characters. 


    The SG was used in Guitar Hero I, Guitar Hero II, and Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's as a controller. The SG was not used in the Xbox 360 version of the game, and instead was replaced with a Gibson Explorer. When Activision took over development of the game, a Les Paul-Style controller replaced the SG. 

    Regardless of controller usage, the SG has appeared in all Guitar Hero games as an unlockable instrument. Guitar Hero III went so far as to allow usage of the controller by in-game characters.

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