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The basic premise in Globe Clicker is that the player is presented with a map of the world and a specific city or world heritage site to locate. The player must traverse the world map and aim to click as close to the city as possible, as fast as possible. Points are earned through the proximity to a given city, and the speed at which the city is located. It is possible to get the maximum of 1,500 proximity points by locating a city to within 20 miles of its actual location.
Through the title screen the player may either undertake the 'Challenge' or single rounds under 'Custom games'. The Challenge consists of a series of rounds in which the player must score a certain amount of points to proceed. Each subsequent round presents a higher point threshold than the last, and so the difficulty increases as the game goes on. The player is presented with a number of different challenges as the game progresses. For instance, the player may be asked to locate cities in Asia using a picture of a map taken at night; cities in America by day, or World Heritage sites from across the globe. The player may also undertake each round of the Challenge singularly under the guise of a Custom game. 
The player earns a high score in each round that they play, and herein lies the replay value. Players will try and beat their previous best scores, as well as those of their friends.  

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