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The menus are pretty awful, IMO, as is the automatic ready up in lobbies. You want to stay in a game with good people, but it's hard to look over all your new equipment unlocks when you're always under a 1-2 minute timer if the room stays full. But maybe it's just having been away from this kind of stuff for a long time, I'm having a blast. I keep craving a little bit more, a feeling I haven't had often this generation, ESPECIALLY for multiplayer games. I don't know how to parry or use the grapple properly yet but I'm still generally 1st or 2nd in total points for a game because I'm a major treasure fiend, and go straight for open Favor circles or whatever those flag points are called.

Got in a little CTF last night and really hated it, though. Seemed like you had only some really weak jabs while carrying the flag, and if the other team had a flag it seemed like your deposit spot disappeared. Which made being someone with the flag really boring, IMO. Hope they took it away to fix it since I haven't seen any tonight. Have only had two battle arena matches. The first I had a come from behind victory when I started figuring out the chest+special items system they had going on halfway through the match. Second I was getting combo'd to death and torn APART by some guys until I had my very first connection drop. Tonight's been the first night I've seen any network errors really, one match where controls had a lot of latency and then that disconnection. Otherwise it's seemed 100% like playing offline would, I assume.

Not really sold on the game since I haven't played any game in the series besides the original (though I recently replayed that) but this multiplayer is surprisingly addictive, IMO.

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