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A fantastic game that nails the feel of a classic 16-bit RPG. 0

The GBA has been a goldmine for classic 16-bit RPG gaming. This includes ports of old favorites like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, and Sword of Mana and new takes on classic RPGs like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Riviera. Like the other new takes on old favorites, Golden Sun borrows heavily from its ancestors and creates a great original game that feels like an SNES classic. Your story starts off in typical RPG form. You're a child in a small village that protects the secret of Alchem...

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Golden Sun is a pretty average RPG, but still a good game. 0

Golden Sun was a good game overall, there's nothing extremely bad about it or extremely great, but it does everything right and hardly anything wrong, does that make sense? Well I enjoyed it for the most part, it's far from being original, it took alot of elements from Dragon Warrior and a ton from Wild Arms, but that's hardly a bad thing. You had to keep taping the A button to scroll through each message during battle, the game was short and the dialog scenes were long, that's about the only ma...

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The best RPG for GBA IMO! 0

This game has a special place to me. I remember first getting this game solely on the fact I thought the cover art looked cool, it turned out to be one of the best purchases I made based on a whim. This game hits the spot for every RPG lover out there, and it all for on a gba game! The graphics, gameplay, story and music were all terrific. I still listen to the music to this day. I recently played it again and it holds up amazingly, I had nothing but fun playing it. For those looking for a grea...

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