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    Grace Nakimura

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    Grace Nakimura is a character that appeared in the Gabriel Knight Trilogy.

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    In the Gabriel Knight series, Grace starts out as an of Gabriel Knight's bookstore and his research assistant. She's an Ivy League student with ambitions to get a , and sees the stay in New Orleans as a break and a way to get some adventure.

    In the second game, she has become a playable character, and focuses on the more cerebral parts of the investigation, following trails laid down in books and deductive reasoning. In the second game Grace and Gabriel grow closer, both due to the fact that she works as a full partner in the adventure and an emotional connection. Their conversations are notable for a heavy dose of sarcastic wit, however.

    In the third game of the series, Grace and Gabriel follow much the same pattern, where Grace provides the in-depth investigation while Gabriel plays it much by ear. In the final stages of the game she helps Gabriel along by providing analysis and assistance. At the end of the game, Grace leaves before Gabriel returns and heads to India, apparently seeking more knowledge on how to fight the mystical forces Gabriel and Grace keep coming up against.


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