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Environmental destruction done right. 0

As the first entry in the Mistbound universe, Greed Corp. represents the same style of board games found in the Xbox Live Arcade releases Catan and Carcassone, while distinguishing itself with a dynamic playing field. The game is a love letter to the industrial revolution and places an emphasis on the strategic benefits of environmental destruction. From an overhead perspective, the player’s aim is to take control of the grid and eliminate the enemy presence completely. With plenty of length in ...

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Greed Corp review 0

I plunged into Greed corp not expecting much but was  pleasantly surprised of what I Found. It starts out with a little intro showing that humans, or what ever they are, are basically mining the planet to the core causing large chunk of land to crumble. The four in-game factions are now fighting over the remaining world resources.       That sums up the story but this is one of those games that does not need a story to be fun because of its solid game play.   Greed corp has 2 modes you can ch...

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A greed that is good- and yet suffers from a conflict of interest 0

Greed can certainly make pretty little packages for the eyes of its beholders, especially when everything comes together as intended. Or when it falls apart as tends to be the case in Greed Corp, a turn-based strategy game released for the PC, Mac, Playstation Network, and Xbox Live. No matter how 'pretty' the package, presentation is key for consistent audience enjoyment. Flawed or inconsistent presentation can sabotage a product's promise. Such is the case with Greed Corp, the overall competen...

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It does exactly what it sets out to do 0

Greed Corp is a fun little game that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: create a game where you strategically destroy the world you are playing in (often for profit). The game centers around the "make money by destroying land" mechanic, such that playing the game is a fun balance of building enough factories to power your needs early, followed by trying to keep (or steal) enough land later in the game to win.This game doesn't aim to have the depth of major strategy titles like Civiliza...

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