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    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Feb 28, 1999

    A puzzle game developed and published by Monolith.

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    In Gruntz you play as a set of creatures known as Gruntz. In an attempt to escape from their evil cousins called the Discruntled, they flee through a wormhole. After exiting the wormhole the Discruntled are still on their tails, and the Gruntz battle the cousins. In their struggle to journey back home they have to battle the Discruntled over objects called warpstones, which will aid them in travelling back home. 


    Gruntz is comprised of puzzle and strategy elements. There are a total of 8 worlds in the game, each with 4 levels. Each level has one specific goal, and that is to collect a warpstone. You control the Gruntz through a basic point and click system found in many PC games.  As the player you will be placed on a map with multiple enemies and obstacles to maneuver. Once you retrieve the warpstone you take it back the Gruntz leader and the level is completed. 

    On each level you will have multiple items weapons to collect. Certain items may aid you in getting around various obstacles in the levels such holes or rocks that can block your path. Weapons are simply offensive items that allow you to attack the enemies in each level. Other items may increase certain stats of the Gruntz, such as speed or strength. 

    The game also has various Power Ups and Spells. For example there is a specific power called the Conversion, which allows you to convert your enemy into an ally. These are mainly used in a multiplayer mode which plays very similarly to the single player portion.


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