How do you make money?

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I've got several mats rounds I know of, especially mature herbs and logs. I'm also 400 in leatherworking, so rare materials to globs or just re-selling also make a nice profit. All goes toward some sweet looking Tier 3 Cultural Armor (Sylvari) (the two in the middle). I almost always list the items for the highest price on the Black Lion Trading Post, and it always sells in the end.

How do you make money? Node/mats/item farming, playing the Black Lion Trading Post?

If anyone wants any tips, I'm willing to help. I've developed several routes and routines based on other peoples work combined with my own personal experience. Also check GW2 Riches, a legitimate gold making tips website (the current admin is stepping down atm., but the site will stay up). It's not cheating, it only helps you maximize your income timewise.

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High magic find and doing events in orr. usually get a rare or two. If they are worth more than an ecto, i sell them. If they aren't i like to test my luck and salvage for an ecto.

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I don't have much time to play atm, so I've just been farming Jormag's Claw on a regular basis. I usually get one of the frost stones every 2 or 3 runs, while sell for 70 silver or so.

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Selling my body.

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I rarely buy anything because, just like in real life, I'm tight fisted with my cash.

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I have been trying to figure out how to get money also . but I am only like lvl 20

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Running Dungeons in explore mode. Getting good at one will get you far.

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@jesterroyal: This. I'm soon 400 in cooking great for magic find. @Deathshroud: Check out some of of GW2 riches older posts, a lot of useful information and tips.

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I've made a good amount of money doing WvW with a BOMB group, and of course running explorables with a good group will get you a decent amount of money as well. A gold here and there doing various things all add up.

While karma grinding in Cursed Shore, I've also discovered that doing certain dynamic event chains are great for farming rares and money (from vendoring useless items). There are diminishing returns of course, but I've made 5 gold and gotten 9 rares in approximately 4 hours of farming the Explorer Plinx event chain and other events in the intermediate area.

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