The Scotchcast Episode 1: Nintendokuni

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The Scotchcast Episode 1: Nintendokuni

So yeah, there have been a couple of episodes of this already. And yeah, I know the name doesn't make sense and the music I chose doesn't fit with that either. But uno what? I like this song a whole bunch and you probably will too. Anyway - this week we talk about stuff. What stuff? Well, games, news, and anything that comes to mind, really. That's why this thing exists after all.

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Show Notes

Music: "Number 6841" by The Hamster Alliance

Featured Members: , , ,

Run time: 2:42:33

Topics for the week:

  • We've been playing Guild Wars 2, "Speaking with snow-people", Casual Racism and Ni no Kuni!
  • We talk a whole lot about Ni no Kuni and its implications on the future of game graphics.
  • Then we hit up the news, first and foremost chatting about the swathe of disinteresting Nintendo announcements.
  • Well, Dourin liked them. But he isn't the one writing these show notes. So there.
  • Then we beat that dead horse in more ways than one in our discussion of THQ - it's that then the ending, so if you're as sick of it as I am, then you can stop once you hear us say it.


Enjoy! Also, feel free to leave some criticism or feedback - or @TheLincolncast on Twitter


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#2 Posted by Mirado (2540 posts) -

No scotch during the Scotchcast? For shame.

I'll rectify that by drinking some while listening! :D

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#3 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2991 posts) -

@Mirado: Hah, yeah - we keep it surprisingly sober when recording.

No clue why... guess I'd rather spend my free cash on books and games than liquor.

I should get a bottle at some point though. Or we should change the name of this thing.

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#4 Posted by Mirado (2540 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic: Not sure how it is where you live but for me, halfway decent scotch costs a fair amount (damn state tax). As such, the phrase "always in moderation" applies even more stringently than normal when it comes to scotch.

I can totally understand not wanting to drop $60+ on something that you'll be peeing out... but as I do it anyway, perhaps I'm a bad example of fiscal sensibility. :D

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#5 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2991 posts) -

@Mirado: Exactly! I mean, I could get a crappy bottle for like $20, but at that point it isn't even worth drinking.

So yeah, 60-80 bucks is like 10 albums, 4 movies, 8 books or 2 video games. Considering beer at my frequented pubs is like $8 / jug, it's all rather unfair.

Ah well.

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#6 Posted by Subjugation (4970 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic: Legitimate question: Wtf is the Scotchcast? When did this become a thing? And seriously, what is it?

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#7 Posted by Dourin (282 posts) -

@Subjugation: Basically, as Lincolncast episodes have gotten more and more off topic, and news for the game has started to slow a bit, we've found ourselves playing other games as well, or even just doing other things that are not GW2-related, and wanting to talk about them. Thus, the Scotchcast was born.

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#8 Edited by Mirado (2540 posts) -

@selfconfessedcynic: I can get a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black for around $35, which is about the minimum quality level I'd be willing to sink to. Any single malt, even the lowest offerings from Glenfiddich and Glenlivet slide north of $50 for 750ml, and anything approaching "good" is $90+.

Which is a shame; scotch is meant to be "tasted", not to get you plastered (although you obviously can). That's why I kinda don't understand anyone who drinks things like Red Label or Dewar's; they taste terrible and if your goal is just to get drunk, you can get a half-decent rum or bourbon for that price and enjoy it way more. Really, JW should cut the Red Label and move the Black down to that price bracket, but there's no way that's going to happen. They're even killing off the Green Label which I enjoy the most out of their lineup; the Blue is overpriced (if you're in the market for $200 scotch then you're looking for distinct characteristics and not a blend, IMO) and the rest are all meh, but the Green is a blend of just four single malts and that's pretty unique around the $60 dollar bracket. I think it holds up better than the cheaper single malts, at least.

I don't like most beers except for some micros, so I don't win out price-wise on that either. Alas!

Anyway, to keep this mildly on topic; I like the format that you have going. Since I'm not a big Guild Wars 2 guy, it was nice to hear your takes on other gaming related topics, and I'd like to see more of this in the future.

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#9 Posted by Subjugation (4970 posts) -

@Dourin: Sounds good to me. Is it a replacement for the Lincolncast?

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#10 Edited by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -


The answer is we do this when we don't have GW2 stuff to talk about, so it rotates between this and the Lincolncast.

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#11 Posted by Subjugation (4970 posts) -


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#12 Posted by uhtaree (823 posts) -

Really enjoy your guys' stuff, no matter what you're talking about. Keep up the good work!

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#13 Edited by selfconfessedcynic (2991 posts) -

@Subjugation said:


Chibi? We talking about that figurine? If not, I NEED to know.

@aquamarin: Hey, thanks man! I like doing these off-topic shows a whole bunch, so good to hear others enjoy it too.

@Mirado: Firstly, I agree when it comes to Red, and I have no idea why you'd buy Blue either - I have also been known to enjoy a black every now and then, but not with any frequency. But then again I'm not exactly an expert on these matters - and in all honesty, I actually prefer the likes of gin and vodka to the more noble liquors.

Anyway, happy to hear you like what we do - you'll definitely see more of these in the future.

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#14 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -

@Subjugation said:



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