Megadeth's "Sudden Death" Nominated for Grammys

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I hadn't gotten around to the Grammys list until now, and while I find the Grammys to be reprehensible (especially in the metal category where the same five bands get nominated every year it seems), a song exclusive to a video game has received a Grammy nomination. 
Megadeth's "Sudden Death", recorded exclusively for the game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, is nominated in the Best Metal Performance category at this year's Grammy Awards.  It sits alongside Lamb of God, Iron Maiden, Korn, and Slayer as competition. 
Kind of interesting to see that a song exclusive to a video game (how exclusive that is, I have no idea) getting nominated for a Grammy.  It's not the only one this year, however, as the main theme from Civilization IV (under its actual name and such) also got nominated.

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"..and the Grammy for most broken fingers goes to..."

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@jakob187: Dave Mustaine says "jesus Loves You".
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Haven't heard it nor the category's other nominated songs. But wow those acts are old, the youngest of which is Lamb of God. The whole awards show is amazingly out of touch with that entire branch of music.
I'm betting it'll probably be Iron Maiden since they're the most ancient of the nominees and closer to retirement.

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In a year that saw releases like: 

  • All That Remains - For We Are Many
  • Demon Hunter - The World is a Thorn
  • Fear Factory - Mechanize
  • As I Lay Dying - The Powerless Rise
  • Periphery
  • Soulfly - Omen
  • Marc Rizzo - Legionnaire just seems like there are so many acts that get ignored because...oh, the legends are here.  Mind you, I thought the new Megadeth and Slayer albums were great, but hell...there isn't even an award for Best Metal Album.  It's just "hey, we're pick five songs from bands that we have heard of and just nominate them". 
Every once in a while, they throw a wild card in there.  Regardless, the wild card typically gets forgotten. 
Also, the Hard Rock Performance category is a bit of a joke.  Good to see Soundgarden and Them Crooked Vultures in it, but I can't say I feel some of the nominees are "hard rock".  Hell, where the fuck are DEFTONES?  I mean, seriously, Deftones put out their best album since Around The Fur, and not a SINGLE nomination?!

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