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GunGun Online: Shooting Game is an artillery-strategy shooting mobile game developed by VGAMES Studio. The game was released on Mar 2016 on both Android and iOS. GunGun is a turn-based multiplayer online game. Each players can choose to equip one set of character and mobile and participate in the matches. There are various modes in GunGun: Campaign, Normal 1vs1, Normal 2vs2 (Deathmatch, Score), Normal 3vs3 (Deathmatch, Score), Ranked League, and Tournament.


The last team standing wins and the game is played in turns. Each player choose his set of character and mobile, along with 3 items to be used in each match. Each character has different set of attributes (HP, Armor, ATK) and skill. Each mobile has different set of attributes (HP, Armor, Delay, Shield) and bullets. The match starts with the lowest delay player, calculated based on the base delay of each mobile. Each turn has a limited time to perform actions, including moving, using items, and shooting the targets. Depends on the bullet and time used to act in each turn, the delay of the player will change, thus affecting the time for his next turn. On each match there is a countdown until "Sudden death" activate. In "Sudden death", each player's shot is performed twice, increasing the output damage. One player is considered defeated when his HP reaches 0, or he drops out of the play ground.


There are various tutorials that show you how to play in the game: How to shoot (appear at the beginning of the game), How to use the controls and How to use items (inside Help section button on the Lobby), How to upgrade a character / mobile (triggered when the player gets enough fragments).


There are 4 locations in Campaign section in GunGun: Pearl Islands, Winter Island, Ghost Castle, Mines. Each location has 14-16 stages, depends on the location. There are 2 modes for each location: Normal and Hard. Player can obtain rewards after completing each stage and reaching milestones of each location. Player can also use "Raid ticket" to quickly finish a stage that he has passed before to get the XP without having to play.


In Arena section, there are 3 main modes: Normal, Ranked League, and Tournament.

In Normal mode, a player can create room with 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, deathmatch, or score options. He can invite his friends to join, or wait for other players to join. After each match, a player is rewarded with Battle Points, which allow him to advance his Battle Rank. There are 23 Battle Ranks in total. The higher Battle Rank, the more daily rewards a player can get. There is no cost on room creation, so there is no limit on how many matches a player can play.

The second mode is Ranked League. This mode is composed by Seasons. Each Season starts at 05:15 AM every Wednesday, and ends at 05:00 AM every Wednesday. Only players that reach Turtle I and owns more than 3 mobiles can participate (including renting). Players who win a match in Ranked League are awarded 3 Arena Points, losing will be deducted by 3 Arena Points. There are 5 Leagues in this mode: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Diamond. Each League has different set of rules, including: The number of bans, Wind challenge, Controls, League advancing requirement, and Season Rewards. For Bronze League, a player who reaches 45 points before the Season ends, he will advance to Silver League. For other Leagues, advancing will depend on the player's position in the League by the end of each Season. The higher the position and League, the better rewards.

The last mode is Tournament. This mode is opened routinely depends on Events. There are different competition format for each Tournament. In one of the tournament, 8 players will participate in one table and compete 1vs1 with an entry fee. The final winner will receive the grand prize.


In each match, a player can bring 3 items with him. There are a few items with different abilities and delay cost:

  • Dual Rockets: Shoot twice in a turn.
  • Phoenix: Teleport to the targeted location.
  • Pie: Heal for 15% maximum HP.
  • Tomato Juice: Increase 80% energy towards Super Shot (SS).
  • Miraculous Sword: Increase 30% damage per bullet.
  • Dragon's Tear: Immune to all damage in 1 turn.

Leaderboard and Rewards

There is a Global Leaderboard for Battle Points, which user can acquire from Normal matches.


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