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Guns 'n' Roses, made by Data East, is a pinball machine which features the popular rock band.

Game Modes

There are several game modes, called Guitar Modes.  Pulling the trigger on the gun plunger will lock the currently flashing mode, meaning it will not change unless the mode is started.
  1. Axl 3-Ball: A total of three balls are put into play, and shooting the center flashing scoop target scores a mini-jackpot, which starts at 10 million points.
  2. Dizzy Ball: A total of two balls are put in play, shooting either ramp scores 10 million points, plus one million more for each ramp previously hit.
  3. Duff Rocks: There are targets which can only be hit by a captive ball, which, when a ball hits it, will move towards these targets.  Hitting 10 such targets earns 100 million points.
  4. Extra Ball: The player automatically earns an extra ball.
  5. Gilby Rolls: The player plays a 'video mode', where the flipper buttons are used to move a motorcycle around.  Hitting pedestrians and avoiding cars awards points.  143 million points can be earned in total.
  6. Lite Coma: The Coma light is lit.  When Coma is activated, the player gets a two-ball multiplayer, and can hit the right hole for a jackpot which starts at 10 million points.  Hitting this hole in 20 seconds or less adds a ball.
  7. Matt Scoring: Every switch (bumper, ramp, etc) scores 250,000 points, and after several switches, the points increase.  Hitting the left orbit gains a jackpot which starts at 10 million points.
  8. Slash Solo: Shoot any orbit for a score which starts at 20 million, and goes up to 50 million.  At that time, the player has a few seconds to hit an orbit or the round ends.
  9. Super Snake Pit: Hitting the left ramp (the "G" Ramp) scores a value which starts at 50 million and decreases until it hits 15 million points.  At that time, the player has a few seconds to hit the ramp or the round ends.
In addition, the Guitar Mode after these nine modes are completed is "Riot".  In this mode, all of the machine's 6 balls are in play.  Hitting switches gets the player big points, with certain milestones giving the player multi-millions of points.  300 switches, then hitting the mini-orbit, gives the player a staggering one billion points.

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