Stuck on the first mission

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I've been wandering around the streets of Mombasa for about 30 minutes. The game is telling me to explore the city and find my ODST team. I've explored every nook in the city and have found nothing. I've been doing well to avoid the enemies, but I can't find anything to interact with that will lead me to my team. Help.

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I haven't played ODST in a long time, as I remember it the goal of the New Mombassa Rookie missions is to find a piece of equipment that segues into a flashback where you take control of one of his ODST teammates. I'm pretty sure each of these get marked on the map somewhere. I think the first mission is activate by finding an ODST helmet.

If you are stuck for too much longer then maybe it would be best to just look for a YouTube video of the mission.

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