Carrots and movies. If movies had Carrot or Carrots in the title.

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I'm rewatching the I Live Mondays special, and they were discussing if Bugs Bunny ran a movie studio, everything would have to do with Carrots.

Example: A Carrot Runs Through It, or Carrot's List.

Lets see how far we can take this.. maybe we could even get some photoshops of the actual titles. :D

To Start:

Carrot 13. "Houston We have a carrot!"

If I put this in the wrong forum, sorry ^^;, I'm still new here, a mod can move it and alert me where they moved it .. :)

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The people Here have thrown around a few.

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Carrots? It's all about Hamburger.

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Fine, we can do If movie titles had Hamburger in the title too. :D

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this thread soils the hamburger legacy

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One Flew Over The Carrots Nest
Kill Carrot Vol.1
Big Carrot In Little China

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@ZmillA said:
" this thread soils the hamburger legacy "

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