Kuma's Corner: Heavy Metal Hamburgers!

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Although the farthest I have traveled in the United States from California is Nevada, there is a burger joint in Chicago that really interests me. Called Kuma's Corner, its menu mostly contains burgers named after heavy metal bands. They include the Mastodon, Black Sabbath, Darkthrone, Neurosis, Bongzilla, and hell the YOB burger; I will listen to that band while slowly eating it down. Occasionally they would also have limited run burger choices including the Nachtmystium. Besides the heavy metal named burgers, there is the Kuma Burger that just sounds tasty (bacon, cheddar, fried egg).

  The Sigh burger.
 The Sigh burger.

Has anybody been there before?

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I saw this on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. 
This place looked pretty awesome. The burgers looked so good... I just... Ahh.... 
What were we talking about?

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Wow, that's beautiful.

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Now thats a fucking meal, yummm.

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My burgers are better

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That isn't too far for me.  In fact I might be in Chicago in the next few weeks... I might look this place up.

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This place is amazing. They've also got Gumballhead ale on tap, from Three Floyds. I had the Mastadon, and it was great.

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@HatKing: Ah, lucky, lucky man!
Food looks great, just a shame I had to look at that picture while I am starving :|
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First time I went there, I had the Goblin Cock Burger. There's a HOT DOG on top of it. It's frightening, and I couldn't finish it in one go. I'm planning to head back there this week. They have these waffle fries with pulled pork on top of them ... so good.

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That looks really good.  There is a place about 10 minutes from me that was also featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, but I have yet to go to it.  Are those places featured actually good or are they just featured because they are weird?  Also I wonder how much it affects business if you get featured.

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The Iron Maiden and Mastodon sound really good...  Too bad this place is 9 hours away. D:

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This is the second burger related thread tonight  
The whooper I ate today looks even more pathetic now, thanks guys  
I'll remeber to visit this place if I travel to Chicago 

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