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Happy Dungeons is a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG dungeon crawler developed and published by Toylogic for the Xbox One. A game preview was released on August 3rd, 2016 with the official release coming later that same year on December 6th. It was later released for the Playstation 4.

Happy Dungeons is the story of a brave knight searching for the kidnapped princess while fighting his/her way through hordes of goblins, bullies, zombies and more.

Join the Order of the White Dragon and aid the Captain in a quest to find and save the princess. You'll be aided by a variety of cute, clever and sometimes weird characters including the head of the Order of the White Dragons' supply corps, Pidgeant.

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Happy Dungeons also features various monsters and villains, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Knights will need to plan ahead and prepare appropriate equipment for each Dungeon, or risk an uphill battle.

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Completing Dungeons earns players rewards in the form of consumable items (called Tools), Minions, Happy Stars and Equipment Items.

Equipment Items are used to outfit characters. Characters belong to one of 3 classes: the tanky Warrior, long-range Mage or support-happy Cleric.

Players can further improve their Equipment Items by spending Happy Stars to level them up or attach buffs that add unique effects to their weapons and armor.

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As a free-to-play title, Happy Dungeons allows players to purchase a special in-game currency called Happy Jewels. Happy Jewels can be spent to earn rare items, earn continues in Dungeons, act as a substitute for Happy Stars when modifying items and more. Happy Jewels are not required for anything in Happy Dungeons. Anything purchasable with Happy Jewels can be found or earned through other means in-game.


In Happy Dungeons, players can tackle different kinds of Quests solo, or they can team up with other players from around the world through online play. Couch coop is also available through split-screen multiplayer, and players can even join online games while playing local coop. Teaming up with other players increases the number of enemies but also the number of rewards and the amount of experience earned.

Players can take on multiple different Quest types, including Story Quests and the Infinite Dungeon, as well as Event Quests which are available for a short time. There are also daily challenges called Orders to complete, and several different game modes that involve customizing your character or powering up Equipment Items and Minions.

In addition to local coop and an invite system, there is also a matchmaking system available. This matchmaking system allows players to join together with random players from all over the world.

During Quests, players move from room to room defeating enemies and collecting Rewards. Some Quests contain boss battles as well. In addition to Quests, The Infinite Dungeon is another game mode that players can tackle. The Infinite Dungeon is split into Zones which are further split into floors. Each floor is randomly generated every time players enter. Players descend through the floors of the Infinite Dungeon collecting items and defeating powerful bosses along the way.

There are 3 classes in Happy Dungeons:

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Warrior The warrior is a front-line fighter with good durability and close-range offense. They have access to the dash attack, uppercut and rapid-stab attack abilities. Warriors are also able to attack while guarding with their shields.

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Cleric A support class, Clerics tend to avoid direct confrontation and instead focus on healing and buffing allies. Clerics Can guard with shields, and gain a powerful attack boost when Rage Count is high which allows them to fight on the front lines. Clerics are important for parties that don't want to waste healing items.

Mage Mages are long-range fighters with the ability to enchant their own or their allies' weapons with one of the 4 elements. They fire elemental shots

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