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    Heiankyo Alien

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Oct 13, 2017

    The original "trap-'em-up" maze-chase arcade game returns with a psychadelic retro-themed fast-paced score-attack remake. It also includes a direct port of the original 1980 arcade game.

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    Heiankyo Alien (not to be confused with the original 1979 game of the same name) is a maze game compilation developed and published digitally by Mindware for the PC on October 13, 2017.

    The seventh game in the studio's "Video Game Classics" series, Heiankyo Alien includes a remixed version of the 1979 NEC PC-8001 game Heiankyo Alien (known as Heiankyo Alien 3671), as well as a port of the 1980 Denki Onkyo arcade version.

    Similar to the Pac-Man Championship Edition series, Heiankyo Alien 3671 changes up the original formula by adding a widescreen playfield, bright neon graphics, a score multiplier system, and more fast-paced gameplay. Up to four players can play at once, each with infinite lives, must work to get the highest score after five minutes. An alternate mode, called Glitch Encore Alien 41381, deliberately re-introduces a bug from development that allows players to create holes that insta-kill aliens and can never disappear.

    It later received an arcade port in 2021 (using PC-based exA-Arcadia hardware) as either Heiankyo Alien 3671 (in Japan) or Cosmic Digger 3671 (overseas). This version allows four-player simultaneous multiplayer.


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