Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor

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    Heimerdinger is a playable character in the strategy game League of Legends. He is most known as an effective lane pusher.

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    A well respected scientist with a strong desire to prove science is the answer to saving the world, Heimerdinger's feeble outward appearance doesn't strike the fear in the heart of enemies. He makes up for his lack of size with his knowledge in science. Heimerdinger is yordle that lets his wild machinations do the fighting for him. Building turrets, shooting rockets, and launching grenades, Heimerdinger shows how science can be a devastating force on the battlefield.

    The Revered Inventor left Bandle City with a group of like minded yordles and traveled to the City of Progress, Piltover. Heimerdginer's strong passion for science led him to great success and formed the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress. His successes made him into one of the most respected minds in Valoran. Displeased with the current chaos in the world Heimerdinger enlisted into the League of Legends to show science is the key to solving everything.


    StatBase ValueGrowth Per Level
    Move Speed3000
    Spell Block300
    Health Regen.9.11
    Mana Regen.9.09


    Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    Techmaturgical Repair Bots
    (Innate): Heimerdinger gives nearby allied Turrets and Champions 6 / 12 / 16 / 22 health regeneration per 5 seconds.
    H-28G Evolution Turret
    H-28G Evolution Turret
    (Active, [Q]): Heimerdinger constructs a Machine Gun Turret with (295 21 x Lvl) health. Evolution Turrets upgrade every 7 attacks, gaining additional damage. Every 2 levels of this skill will level the turret into a new type, becoming a green armor and magic resist reducing turret at level 3 and a red area of effect attacker at level 5. Turrets attack 50% faster for the first 6 seconds after placement.
    Hextech Micro-Rockets
    Hextech Micro-Rockets
    (Active, [W]): Heimerdinger fires 3 enemy Champion/Minion seeking Micro-Rockets within it's long range, dealing magic damage to each of them.

    • Cooldown: 10 seconds
    CH-1 Concussion Grenade
    CH-1 Concussion Grenade
    (Active, [E]): Heimerdinger lobs a grenade at a targeted location, dealing magic damage to enemy units / turrets and blinding all non-turrets within a small range. Enemies who are directly hit are stunned for 1.5 seconds.

    • Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 seconds
    (Passive): Global Cooldown Reduction.
    (Active, [R]): All active Evolution Turrets are healed for 100% of their maximum health and also fire 25/30/35% movement slowing frost shots for 10 seconds.


    Heimerdinger is an effective lane pusher and tank. His turrets allow him to effectively take on two champions at once and push his lane. The Ch-1 Concussion Grenade can reveal targets hidden in brush making it an effective tool in tracking down fleeing champions or ruining ambushes. Heimerdinger large health pool and survivability makes him a great tank as well. Mobile fights and hit and run tactics is where Heimerdinger loses his effectiveness. Turrets are mainly tools for lane pushing and defense, not for chasing down enemies.

    • Turret placement can be a deciding factor in a battle. Against most enemies placing clusters of turrets is the best method, but if they have a lot of area of effect abilities your turrets can be destroyed quickly.
    • Placing turrets in brush can lead to a surprise attack in your favor.
    • When facing melee champions who are engaged in fighting, his Concussion Grenades can be a very effective stun as they will detonate almost immedately upon casting if the enemy champion is close enough. If you do not manage to stun the enemy you will at least blind them.
    • While trying to escape from a single champion, placing a turret down and activating your reworked ultimate can be a viable strategy to slow the enemy allowing for your retreat.
    • Don't forget that your grenades deal damage to towers, benefiting the team by tower gold and pushing the lanes faster; don't be afraid to roam!


    Upon Selection

    • "Indeed, a wise choice."


    • "I could help you do that better."
    • "Hmm, very interesting..."
    • "I theorize...your defeat!"
    • "Back, you dirty ape! Back!"
    • "For great science!"
    • "The cosine of U root, divided by..."
    • "Yes, yes, hurry, I have important work to get back to."
    • "Order, entropy, a never-ending cycle."
    • "Eureka!!"
    • "You are poorly designed for this!"
    • "I concur!"


    • "And what did you expect from such a substandard intelligence?!"


    • "Why do chemists call helium, curium and barium 'the medical elements?' Because, if you can't 'helium' or 'curium', you 'barium!' Heheh."


    • Heimerdinger is probably a refence to prof. Hawkins from MDK2

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