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Henryk is an enemy Hunter NPC that is encountered during Eileen the Crow's quest line. After killing Vicar Amelia, this will trigger the appearance of Eileen outside the Cathedral Ward. When talked to she will notify the player of her prey that awaits at the Tomb of Odeon, and that the player shouldn't interfere. If the player heads to the Tomb of Odeon they will find Henryk waiting. He fights like a regular Hunter NPC and is equipped with the Saw Cleaver and Hunting Pistol. Like most Hunters he is incredibly aggressive, can withstand a rather copious amount of damage, and can dish out just as much.

Not long after the player triggers Henryk's advance will Eileen show up to provide assistance. Eileen can die during this fight, though like Henryk she has a significant amount of health. Once Henryk is killed she will thank the player for the assistance and will reward players with the 'Approval' gesture. Henryk's outfit will also now be available for purchase in the Insight Shop at Hunter's Dream.


  • Henryk's armor set has the highest Bolt resistance in the game.
  • Henryk is a longtime friend of Father Gascoigne, likely explaining why he's hanging about the Tomb of Odeon, which is where the Gascoigne boss fight occurred.
  • The item description for Throwing Knives states that they are a favorite of Henryk's.
  • Eileen will show up outside the Cathedral Ward even if players happened to miss her first appearance. However when first speaking to her she will introduce herself as like in the first location she appears; once her dialogue has been exhausted talking to her again after leaving and then returning to the area will initiate the Henryk phase of her quest line.

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