2018 Giant Bomb Community Voting!

2018: That Sure Was A Year That Happened!™ It's not quite over yet, but we're letting you put your voice in for the 2018 Community GOTY with this handy form! Hey, have a bunch of text I copy/pasted from last year's poll because I don't see much of a point in writing it all over again!

When does voting end? January 5th!

Can I change my votes later after I play more stuff? Sure, up until voting ends! Just clear out your choices and select new ones, then hit Submit again.

I haven't played ten games this year; can I still vote? Sure, just vote for whatever your favorite games were. You can just vote for one game, if you want.

How does this work? This is a weighted-voting system, so your first-place game will be weighted more heavily than your tenth-place game when we tally up the votes in the end. We'll also include pure voting results without weights for the data nerds.

I can't find my favorite game in here! Our search system is very special and might not always return the expected results. Some games might have older-than-expected release years in the search, or may not appear at all. Let us know in the bug reporting forum if you can't find something!

Hah, I'm going to vote for ET on Atari ten times, suckers! Feel free! You can add any games you want to your list, but we'll just remove anything that wasn't released in 2018 when we run the final results. We're mostly focused on American release dates here; Jeff will ultimately decide on any edge cases.

If you have any issues finding a game in the search box, please let us know via this thread in our Bug Reporting forum.

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