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Born as Shinta, after his parents died Kenshin was sold into slavery. When the slave traders caravan were attacked, Kenshin was saved by his soon to be master Seijuro Hiko. Hiko renamed Shinta to Kenshin, which stands for Ken (sword) and Shin (heart). After years of training Kenshin decided to abandon his master and serve to protect the Choshu clan by way of being an assasin.  During this time he meets his A young woman by the name of Tomoe . to know the whole story look up "Samuari X: Trust and betrayal".

After Kenshin's Battousai stage of his life, he carries around a Sakabatto, which is a katana with a reverse blade, so when Kenshin uses it he does not kill his opponent, because of his oath not to kill another person.  Opon entering Tokyo Kenshin is approched by a young girl by the name of Karou Kamia. Togeather the pair up with an assortment of people by the names of Yahiko Miojin, Sanosuke Saggara, Magime Takani, and Misou Makmachi. Together they have many adventures that span all across Japan.


Kenshin's fighting style is known as HIten Mitsurugi-Ryu, or Flying Heaven Dragon Sword Style. This style is known for it's god like speed and never fails to slay the users opponent with one blow. Most of the attacks come from above hense "FLYING". but there are some attacks that don't such as the Kosoryu-sen, or the Amakokaru-Ryunoahirameki. The other style Kenshin uses is knowen as Batto-jitsu which is the art or skill of drawing a blade from it's sheath.


One of Kenshin's most distinctive traits is his "X" shaped scar on his face. The scar was made on 2 seperate occasions. The first was made when Kenshin fought a body guard that was guarding a high ranking member of the Shoganet. upon recieving the scar the body guard cursed Kenshin for sapparating him from his love. The second part of the scar was giving to Kenshin by his dying wife Tamoe as an act of forgiveness. Tamoe jumped in front of Kenshin's slashing sword to save him from a fatal blow while he was fighting an enemy. Tamoe died in the process, by Kenshin's hand, and made the "X" on Kenshin's face  thus reviecing the curse that was laid upon him. After  Kenshin leaves the role of man slayer in the shadows and becames Battosai the man slayer.



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