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Holiday Island is a German "Sim City"-style simulation game by Sunflowers and published by Bomico.
The player competes in Holiday Island with up to seven computer controlled enemies in who can attract the most tourists to their island. 
The game would either randomly generate a series of islands or let the player pick from one of the six pre-made islands and scenarios.  
In total there are sixty different buildings, ranging from kiosks over parks and zoos to hotels and airports.
Typical for German simulation games, the player can choose to sabotage the opposition by for example hiring a guy in a shark costume, that will scare off tourists - or by calling in a bomb threat.
Everyone of those actions is accompanied by a short cartoony cut scene.

Expansion Pack

In 1997 an expansion pack was released by Sunflowers containing six new scenarios as well as the possibility to build famous global icons like Lady Liberty or the Eiffel Tower.

System Requirements

  •  Windows 3.11 (Windows 95 recommended)
  • at least 486 DX2 66 MHZ
  • 8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended)
  • at least Super-VGA Graphics-card (640x480, 256 colours)
  • Double Speed CD-Rom Drive
  • Soundblaster or 100% compatible Sound-card
  • Microsoft compatible mouse

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