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Ghat first runs into Hunter in the desert, after leaving a hungry and thirsty Deadra in search of food. He agrees to Ghat's demand for a one on one, and goes back to the other area where he has set a perch on top of the big Giraffe-esque beasts that graze in this area. As he is blind, he uses rabbits (which make a very distinct squeaking sound) with explosives strapped to them to attack. Once Ghat defeats him, he falls in the water and is presumed dead.

Whilst Ghat, Deadra and Golem attempt to circumvent Father-Mother's children by taking the long way to the gate, they pass by the coast. They go down to the coast to find food once again and Hunter shows up on top of a big beached sawtooth whale. He fights Ghat in this way once again, and he is defeated once more, but when Ghat goes back up he is there and decides to fight Ghat with his fists. After getting his health to the bottom, he counters and pins Ghat to the ground, and readies his final blow when Golem steps in and stops him for good.

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