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Iggy is Acclaim's iguana mascot in ball form.
Iggy is Acclaim's iguana mascot in ball form.

Iggy's Reckin' Balls is a game published by the now defunct Acclaim Entertainment and was exclusively for the Nintendo 64. The game's eight starting characters are all anthropomorphic balls that have to use their abilities to climb to the top of each of the game's towers first. While all the characters were the same in terms of their abilities, the game box boasts that all eight characters had different personalities; however, these seemed to have no impact in the gameplay.

As well as the normal mode, which involved racing against three other computer or player controlled opponents. The game had other modes as well, such as time trial and battle mode.


Each level in the game was called a 'tower', due to the generally vertical nature of the levels. Traversing each tower is mainly undertaken via the use of a grapple hook - often the character's tongue. The grapple ability is primarily used to hook onto platforms - either to progress upwards or to avoid projectiles. The grapple can also be used to hook onto other players in order to stun them momentarily or to throw them off the course.

As well the the grapple, players are able to flap for a short distance to bridge gaps, and initiate 'turbo mode' to roll at great speeds.

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