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Did anyone else manage to pick this up early last night when it accidentally went live?

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#2 Posted by Cincaid (3051 posts) -


Nope. :(

How is it?

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At least eight!

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It's pretty much what I expected-- free-floating Metroid with great looking art. I'm afraid that it's going to be very short; last night I played for about two hours, and the game registered me at 52% completion and ranked me 13 in the world. 
There are lots of hidden collectibles and upgrades, like in any good Metroid-style game, but since the game does not use anything like ammo, a lot of the hidden things you find are pretty insubstantial. Hidden items unlock concept art, and short video clips that seem to be very similar to the "truth" videos in Assassin's Creed 2. I've been blowing through it, and no puzzles have slowed me down at all; it's always immediately clear what needs to be done. One of my friends managed to snag it in time, so we're going to try the multiplayer mode tonight.
EDIT: ITSP is my most anticipated game from the summer of arcade, since these Metroid-style games are some of my most favorite to play.

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I too managed to pick it up last night, and played it for about an hour this morning, and it is fairly interesting. The visuals style is phenomenal, the cut scenes have a great 60's era vibe, but it is exactly what tadale said it is. It is a great looking, art-sy, free-floating Metroid game. I can't really form an accurate opinion on it yet, as I have played so little, but thus far it seems, at the very least, cool.

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I'm so mad at myself for missing it. I managed to grab From Dust early after seeing Joystiq report on the Microsoft store selling it early, but didn't know that the rest of the Summer of Arcade games were also up for sale. If I had known that, I would've grabbed ITSP as well.

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