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    A digital distribution service built around indie works and their creators.

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    Launched on March 3, 2013, is a platform allowing creators to distribute content. This content can then be accessed via direct download, or using the itch desktop client. The service distributes a wide variety of content including video games, development tools, music, tabletop RPGs, books, and other writings.

    The service has seen popularity especially among indie creators for its creator-focused features, such as allowing developers to customize the majority of a game's store page, host game jams for other creators to participate in, and set the revenue cut itch takes from sales, defaulting to 10%.

    In June 2020, staff hosted the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, a promotional bundle supporting Black Lives Matter protests by raising funds for the NAACP and Community Bail Fund. The bundle launched with 740 works on offer for five dollars, although later contributions would increase the number of included works to 1,740. By the conclusion of the bundle, over $8 million in donations were raised.

    On April 22, 2021, the itch desktop client was added to the Epic Games Store among the store's initial offering of apps. According to owner Leaf Corcoran, Epic Games approached about the deal, a move which Corcoran assumed was related to the then-upcoming Epic v. Apple lawsuit.


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