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    Jack is a survivor from the Oceanic 815 plane crash. He's best known as the leader of the survivors, always trying to help out but he also has some problems of his own. 


    From the moment he's introduced, Jack is presented as the perfect hero. He helps where he can and guides the survivors through their island adventures. As a doctor, he takes care of the other survivors and is usually the one to decide what step to take next. 
    As a doctor, he's also a man of science, which sometimes puts him at odds with John Locke, man of fate. He disregards the true meaning of the island and what it represents, not believing in fate or destiny. This is truly depicted when the story arc of having to press the button every 108 minutes appears, where he doesn't believe that not pushing the button will do anything. His point of view will of course change after he leaves the island, saying that they must go back, that it's their destiny. 
    Jack also has some serious daddy issues. His father, also a surgeon, was also an alcoholic and doesn't really show any love towards Jack. Jack seems to disregard and hate his father until he learns of his death. He's haunted by visions of his father on the island (this is later revealed to be the Man in Black) and chases him through the jungle. 
    Jack's love interests were Kate and later Juliette and finally Kate again. The relationship between Kate and Jack was born just after the plane crash, when Kate stitches up Jack. His relationship with Juliette was more of a fling, eventhough he did seem to have emotions for her as it is thanks to her that he was able to escape from Hydra island. 
    Jack is portrayed as a nice, comforting guy. However, he can sometimes lose his cool. He has no pity for the Others and especially Benjamin Linus, whom at one points he violently beats on the ground. Like Lost, Jack's personality constantly shifts: at one point he can hate the Others and later he'll be playing a friendly game of football with them.  
    Jack has his inner demons, one of them being his father but also the fact that he constantly wants to fix things and not really knowing what to believe on the island. This demons have pushed him towards suicide and alcoholism.

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