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    Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Jarvan IV is the next Demacian champion to enter into the League of Legends. Jarvans primary weapon is a large javelin and his armor is made of the scales and bones of defeated enemies.

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    Jarvan IV is the latest son of the royal Demacian family known as the Lightshield. The Lightshield have spent centuries battling against Demacias sworn enemies the Noxians. Jarvan has spent many years of his life on the battlefield fighting against the threat of Noxus. During a battle against Swain, the Master Tactician, Jarvan found himself captured by Swains forces. Jarvan was sentenced to be executed by the hands of Urgot. However right before the execution Jarvan was saved by childhood friend Garen. After his rescue it was said that Jarvan IV had changed due to the horrors he had to endure while captured. So Jarvan hand selected a group of Demacian soldiers and left  for two years stating that he would one day find "atonement'. When Jarvan finally returned to Demacia only two of the twelve soldiers remained. Jarvan had also gotten rid of all his customary Demacian armor and had replaced it with the bones and scales of some unknown creatures.  


    Martial Cadence 
    When Jarvan auto attacks he also deals a percentage of the targets current health as magic damage. However this effect cannot occur more then once every few seconds.  
    Dragon Strike 
    When activated it sends Jarvan IV's spear darting forward towards his opponent. When it hits it deals damage and lowers the enemies armor for a short period of time. If Dragon Strike is cast on Jarvan IV's Demacian Flag, it pulls Jarvans towards it and will knock away any enemy in Jarvan IV's path. This combo can be used as a great escape mechanic as well as a good initiating ability. 
    Golden Aegis 
    Jarvan quickly creates a shield around him absorbing damage. It also slows down nearby enemies when activated.  
    Demacian Standard 
    Demacian Standard has both a passive and active effect. Its passive effect gives Jarvan IV both increased attack speed and increased armor.  
    (Activate): Demacian Standard can also be thrown at an area dealing damage to enemies when it lands. It also grants the passive effect to nearby allies. Jarvan IV can cast Dragon Strike on the thrown out Demacian Standard to pull himself towards it, dealing damage and knocking enemies in his path away.  
    Cataclysm (Ultimate) 
    Jarvan IV selects a target enemy champion and leaps towards them. When he reaches the target he deals damage and creates a circle of terrain around the target. While it has yet to be 100% confirmed, the current theory going around is that this circle of terrain is basically a dueling arena for Jarvan and his opponent to fight in without the interference of allies. This concept of creating a 1 on 1 dueling area is fairly similar in concept to Poppy's Ultimate, Diplomatic Immunity.

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