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Little is known about Josef when he is initially found broken and disassembled, but through his thought bubbles we see select memories which suggest his girlfriend and constant torment by the Black Cap Brotherhood are key experiences in his life. When the Brotherhood capture his girlfriend and dispose of him in the scrapyard it seems to be the last straw; he sets out to free her and bring them to justice.


Josef has a telescopic torso which allows him to both increase and decrease his height, in addition to acting as storage for many useful items at a time (accessed via his mouth).


Josef is named after Josef Čapek, Czech painter, writer and poet, who is credited with the invention of the word "robot".


On November 13th 2010 Team Meat announced Josef's inclusion as an unlockable playable character in the PC version of Super Meat Boy, an honour shared with fellow indie luminaries like Tim, Commander Video and Alien Hominid. Josef also makes an appearance in one of the bonus stages of IloMilo.


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