Justin Smith's Realistic Summer Sports Simulator

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    Justin Smith's Realistic Summer Sports Simulator is an Olympic game simulator for up to four players. Success is governed by challenging physics based gameplay with a simple graphical style.

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    JSRSSS follows the same physics based gameplay style as Justin Smith's last game, Enviro-Bear 2010. Players try to win medals in Olympic summer sports by manipulating their competitor through touch controls. Players get to choose their nation out of a list of dozens. The physics are both a source of challenge and humor, as it is very difficult to control your olympian without fault. A simple, "DNQ" pops up any time the player does not qualify for judgement in an event. Five events are free to play, and another 10 can be bought for $1.99. There is also a practice mode to hone skills and play single events.


    All events are pay for download unless otherwise marked:

    Opening Ceremony (Free)The Olympic Torch lighting! Fling around the torch bearer, four flag carriers, and a fighter jet to your heart's content.None
    Javelin (Free)Throw a javelin as far as possible. Drag your competitor and use the momentum to send the javelin soaring.Fault Line
    100m Dash (Free)Repeatedly touch and drag your runner to the finish line as fast as possible.Early Start
    Equestrian (Free)A horseback obstacle course with penalties for running into barriers.None
    Diving (Free)Jump off the high dive, do as many flips as possible, and land face first.Improper landing
    Rowing (Free)Drag the boat and keep the rower on until the finish line.Touching Water
    Hammer ThrowWhip the hammer thrower around to get some sweet distance.Fault Line
    RacewalkingSlide across a hill in this speed walking race.Falling over
    ArcheryShoot 10 arrows within 10 seconds and try to get the best score.None
    SwimmingGuide a swimmer through four laps.None
    Kayak SlalomKayak through checkpoints to a finish line. Penalty points for missing checkpoints.None
    High JumpSet the jump bar as high as you'd like and then jump over.Hitting bar or failure to jump
    Pole VaultUse that pole! Jump as high as possible.Pole goes over fault line
    WeightliftingLift a large weight bar into a weightlifters arms as fast as possible.Knocking over lifter
    RingsDo flips while suspended on rings. Then land once your power meter runs low.None.
    CyclingDrag your cycler through five laps of a course.None.

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