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Kaguya-hime is the protagonist of the classic Japanese folktale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. When an elderly farmer cuts down a particular bamboo stalk, he discovers a baby girl inside and takes her home to his wife. The couple name the girl Kaguya-hime, and raise her as their own daughter. She grows up to be an exceptionally beautiful woman, and eventually is courted by a series of suitors. Not wishing to marry any of them, she assigns each a task that is meant to be impossible, but promises to marry the one capable of carrying out their task. All of the suitors fail in one way or another, but afterward, she is courted by Japan's emperor.

Kaguya-hime rejects the emperor's advances, but remains in contact with him on friendly terms. However, she soon begins acting strangely, and when pressed for the reason why, she states that she must return to her true home; the moon. When an entourage from the moon arrives to take her back to Tsuki-no-Miyako, the lunar capital, Kaguya-hime writes letters to her adoptive parents and to the emperor, and gives each a gift; to her parents, she gives her robe, and to the emperor, an elixir that will grant him immortality. A feather robe is then placed upon her shoulders, causing her feelings for those she met and loved on Earth to vanish, and she is taken back to the moon.

When the emperor receives word of his gift, he rejects the elixir, not wishing to live an immortal life if Kaguya-hime cannot be part of it. He instead orders his men to climb to the top of the mountain closest to Heaven and burn the letter in the hopes that she would see his message, and to burn the elixir, as well. Following this act, the Japanese word for immortality also became the name of the mountain itself; Mt. Fuji.

Persona 4: Golden

Kaguya's appearance in Persona 4 Golden.
Kaguya's appearance in Persona 4 Golden.

Kaguya-hime appears in Persona 4: Golden as the ultimate persona of the Aeon arcana, unlocked after reaching MAX rank with Marie. She can only be fused in a dodecagonal spread with the personas Hachiman, Hell Biker, Cybele, Alilat, Surt, Thor, Horus, Barong, Nebiros, Lakshmi, Kingu, and Quetzalcoatl.

Warriors Orochi 3

Kaguya-hime appears in Warriors Orochi 3 as a playable character. In the game's story, she turns back time to prevent mass destruction at the hands of the resurrected Orochi and aid the other warriors. She fights using a sakaki branch and mirrors.

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