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    Kelly Austin

    Character » appears in 4 games

    Kelly Austin is both a resident and student in Capital City. Along with her brother Jason, Kelly was in an amusement park when the earthquakes struck.

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    Disaster Report

    Kelly makes her first apperance when Keith Helm finds her trapped under debris at the amusement park. A large part of her story involves finding her younger brother, Jason. At various points in the game, the player can choose to travel either with Kelly or with Karen Morris. Eventually, she manages to find Jason at an evacuation center, and escapes the island.

    Raw Danger

    Kelly appears in Raw Danger once again as a non playable character. Fleeing the disaster at Capital City, she begins a new life in Del Ray as a school teacher. Kelly is again trapped under debris, but is this time saved by her student, playable character Paige Meyers. The two then have a conversation while resting, where Kelly explains how she feels responsible for the disaster, and that anywhere she lives is doomed. She is evacuated from the city along with the rest of the school.

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