So did anyone beat it yet? (Spoilers)

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What the heck happened for the last 2 hours? Granted, I did beat the game at 3 in the morning because there is no save spot after a certain point. At the end of the game, I felt lost. Someone at Square Enix was apparently inspired by inception, but with confusing time travel. Xibar is Xehanort which they don't explain. They already had 7 vessels of light, if you include Kairi, but they never touch on that. This game really just added more confusion to the convoluted plot. Also, the final QTE's that they include to the boss fights make me want to throw my DS. I had to replay the final boss 5 times because I couldn't time the last QTE correctly. Square needs to stop with these spinoffs and just make KH 3 already.

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They lost me at Keyblade War.

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#3 Posted by The_Ruiner (1631 posts) - i saw the secret ending ans they basically rehashed stuff we already new about the 7 hearts of the princesses or whatever... but then Kairi comes in and it's supposed to be a big deal that she can wield a keyblade...but we saw her wielding one in part 2's the surprise exactly?

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@InfamousNose: Xigbar is Xehanort?


I won't buy a 3DS but man do I have some cut scenes to watch when I get home.

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How on Earth can you be confused by Xigbar being part Xehanort after all that exposition? This is why playing vidja at 3AM is a bad idea. They do touch on having 7 vessels of light; Well, if Mickey literally counting them off counts as "touching" on it. The time travel is not confusing at all; when Xehanort cast off his body he gained the power to travel to a point in time where any version of himself exists, which he passed on to Young Xehanort. Pay attention.

Also I don't remember a single QTE.

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@GunslingerPanda: The part where Nightmare Ventus does his lock on thing is the part I'm talking about. You can only use one move and need to time it right. That is probably my fault, but its frustrating that I could've beat Ventus but that final part was preventing me.

When Mickey is counting them off, he doesn't bring up Kairi, even though we already know she has a keyblade. I just saw the secret ending where they show Kairi, but it makes it seem like they're forgetting her in the game.

I do not remember them ever explaining why Xigbar is part Xehanort, only him telling Sora that he is. I know the whole part of Org. 13 was so he could have 13 vessels, but it failed. So why is Xigbar and Saix Xehanort and not the others?

Maybe I should have paid more attention, but they drop all these concepts within the final hours. It is a lot to digest.

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#7 Posted by Soap (3774 posts) -

@rmanthorp said:

They lost me at Keyblade War.

For me it was when Roxas was two separate people, that looked identical.

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#8 Posted by Heltom92 (822 posts) -

This thread confirms to me that I will never play a Kingdom Hearts game.

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@Heltom92: Well if you skip the GBA/PS2, DS, and Recoded, it's easier to digest.

I'll never play this game but still want to follow the story. Where can I go to read the plot/spoilers on this game? I'm being kinda lazy and don't want to search in gamefaqs or something.

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@Soap said:

@rmanthorp said:

They lost me at Keyblade War.

For me it was when Roxas was two separate people, that looked identical.

Oh, you mean the part where Roxas resembles Ventus because his heart touched Sora's several years before KH2, and Ventus also has an evil clone inside him that looks like a teenage Sora with yellow eyes and black hair?

Yeah, that's when I bowed out, too.

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#11 Posted by ApeGantz (237 posts) -


Or the part where Sora wasn't even born yet(i think) when he made Ventus' heart whole. Sora's looks seem strictly based on Vanitis because Soras heart took the place where Vanitis's part was(Ventus destroyed it).

So...if Sora wasn't so damn kind, he would look TOTALLY different. #mindfreak

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@ApeGantz: Wait, I thought Sora was a kid when he took in Ventus' heart. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I liked it when there was more of a Disney balance like in KH1. KH2 is when this series began to derail.

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Man he could have been a kid. I dunno bro!

But then Nomura has to explain why Vanitis and Sora actually look alike.

I swear that's what a few folks told me though.

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I finished it yesterday and while the game is indeed confusing at parts, it's nothing that can't be explained by paying more attention. Xehanort needed vessels and while he realized most of the Organization XIII was too weak he found Braig (Xigbar real self) to be sufficient enough to hold part of him. And the whole time travelling thing I found amazing, especially finally explaining the hooded figure in the first Kingdom Hearts, my mind was pretty blown.

I must admit however that my affection towards this game series extends itself to quite a long time so I understand I'm pretty biased.

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