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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jul 31, 2012

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a new entry in the Kingdom Hearts series for the 3DS.

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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a Nintendo 3DS title developed by Square Enix Osaka (the team that developed Birth by Sleep). It features a storyline which series creator Tetsuya Nomura began thinking about during the creation of the previous three handheld games. The game features brand new worlds to the series, and both Sora & Riku are playable in the game. The game supports Nintendo's Circle Pad Pro accessory for camera control akin to the PlayStation 2 entries in the series.


    Taking place after Kingdom Hearts 2 & Re: Coded, Yensid calls Sora & Riku before him to undergo the Mark of Mastery Exam to combat the return of Master Xehanort. To do this they must go into the Realm of Sleep, and find the keyholes of seven sleeping worlds in order to awaken them. However, a grey-haired youth invades their dreams and has his own plans for Sora & Riku. Meanwhile in the real world, some members of Organization XIII have become full humans once more, while some are missing.

    The World Ends With You

    Kingdom Hearts 3D will feature appearances from a number of characters from the Square Enix title The World Ends With You, including Neku Sakuraba, Shiki Misaki, Joshua, Beat, and Rhyme. This will mark the first time that Square Enix characters from outside of the Final Fantasy series have made an appearance in a Kingdom Hearts game.

    The Worlds

    All the Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3D are brand new and the two returning worlds feature never before seen areas. The full set of playable worlds in the game are:

    Destiny Islands, Twilight Town, Radiant Garden, and Disney Castle appear in cutscenes but are not playable.


    The game follows the main game's style of Action RPG, featuring the same action-based combat using the command system returning from Birth by Sleep, but adding the new "Flowmotion" system that allows Sora & Riku to grind on rails, swing on poles, and bounce off walls in the environment. You can also unleash finishing moves from Flowmotion.

    The player can breed and team up with creatures called Dream Eaters. They will back you in combat and can be linked with for team-up attacks. Raising and leveling them up will give Sora & Riku new commands and abilities. The player can have three Dream Eaters in a team but only the first two can be out at a time. Though the third Dream Eater will still gain experience despite not actually battling.

    Battle Portals can be seen on the touch screen. These portals give the player additional missions to participate in which one can earn Dream Eater ingredients. Completing a bonus objective will give the player even more Dream Eater ingredients. Some examples of bonus objectives include: completing the mission in 20 seconds, blocking three times, or pulling off three flowmotion attacks. Battle Portals are named after Final Fantasy characters.

    There are also Special and Secret Portals that can be found. Special Portals are encounters with rare Nightmare Dream Eaters, some of which are not available anywhere else. Secret Portals are only available after completing the game. These allow the player to fight boss nightmares again but these encounters are much more difficult then when the player encountered them as part of the story.

    Finally, there are Friendship Portals. Also, named after Final Fantasy characters, these portals allow the player to borrow the portal's Dream Eaters for a brief period of time. These Dream Eaters start out already to be linked with.

    The player can also lay down their own portals to be shared with friends via StreetPass.

    Flick Rush is a mini-game found in Traverse Town. It is a card game involving the player's three Dream Eaters that is similar to the battle system of Chain of Memories. The touch screen gets four cards and can be flicked up be used and down to defend. Playing a higher number then your opponent will stop his attack or break his defense. Two cards can be combined together to make a higher number and if successful the cards attack will become more powerful. A Star card is unblockable if played after your opponent. Flick Rush can be played against the computer or with friends via local multiplayer.

    Each world has a different Reality Shift. This is a special move that moves the action to the touch screen for more special attacks using touch. Reality Shift can also be used to better move through the environment or open up new areas.

    After a certain amount time playing as one character, a drop meter will run out and cause you to have to switch to the other character. How well you played as the first character will determine what buffs you can pass on to the next character.

    The forecast system imparts special properties on the world. These might include: rare items at the moogle shop, more HP orbs dropped from enemies, or harder enemies. The forecast changes every time the player drops.

    Mark of Mystery Edition

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    At launch, the Mark of Mystery Edition will release in North America for $54.99. This special edition includes

    • A copy of the title
    • 12 art cards
    • Five AR cards
    • Clear hard case skin cover
    • Magnetic box


    Disc 1

    1.Dearly Beloved2:42
    2.Storm Diver2:36
    4.Traverse in Trance4:53
    5.Hand to Hand2:31
    6.Dream Eaters2:58
    10.The World of Dream Drops2:20
    11.Le Sanctuaire3:04
    12.La Cloche3:36
    13.Sweet Spirits1:32
    14.Majestic Wings3:44
    15.Ever After2:17
    16.Wild Blue2:53
    Total Length:52:13

    Disc 2

    1.Access the Grid4:31
    2.Digital Domination6:30
    3.The Nightmare3:11
    4.Rinzler Recompiled3:23
    5.Keyblade Cycle4:54
    6.Gigabyte Mantis3:45
    7.The Fun Fair3:31
    8.Prankster's Party2:16
    9.Broken Reality2:17
    10.Ice-hot Lobster3:14
    11.The Dream2:02
    12.Ready to Rush1:42
    13.Dream Matchup4:21
    14.One for All2:54
    15.All for One2:49
    16.The Flick Finalist2:48
    17.Victor's Pride1:27
    19.Distant from You...4:43
    20.Sacred Distance3:45
    21.Deep Drop3:34
    Total Length:1:09:25

    Disc 3

    1.L’Oscurità dell’Ignot4:33
    2.Xehanort -The Early Years-2:09
    3.The Dread of Night3:36
    4.L'Eminenza Oscura I4:09
    5.L'Eminenza Oscura II4:20
    6.L'Impeto Oscuro4:57
    7.My Heart's Descent3:02
    8.The Eye of Darkness3:16
    9.Link to All2:37
    11.Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening-8:56
    12.Symphony No.6 "Pastoral" Op. 689:07
    13.L'Apprenti Sorcier10:57
    14.The Nutcracker Suite Op. 719:48
    15.A Night on the Bare Mountain4:18
    Total Length:1:18:14

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