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The World That Never Was
The World That Never Was
  The World That Never Was is the stronghold of the Organization. Within it is the giant complex of The Castle That Never Was, which is portrayed as a surreal white castle and is decorated with the emblem of the Nobodies, making it one of many distinct features of this world. The world has seemingly eternal night, with the large, heart-shaped moon, Kingdom Hearts, continually shining in the sky. The main city, named Dark City, is also large in size and prominently features a large tower, which fans of previous games may find familiar as it was featured in the movie shown at the end of the previous Kingdom Hearts (Final Mix version) and in many screenshots of the game before its release.

The large white castle looms against the black backdrop of the sky, its radiance nearly lighting the entire city. Towards the end of Sora, Donald and Goofy's journey, they will visit this mysterious city and find that among the many corridors and pathways that line the castle and city, many enemies and bosses lie in wait. They will meet different Organization XIII members and defeat all of them before attacking the main one, Xemnas. The main plot of Kingdom Hearts 2 unfolds before our eyes in this city that every fan of the game wished to play in. The futuristic design and the difficulty of the enemies make it a challenge that everyone would appreciate. Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII was said to have created this world making it a fake one. He created it specially for nobodies as they had nowhere to live. In Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix , Sora engages in battle against Roxas as a boss fight. After being defeated, he gives Sora a keyblade, Two Across.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

This world is also featured in the Nintendo DS Kingdom Hearts game as a base of operations for the main characters. In the game, it is refered to mostly as just the "castle" since that is where most of the events in this world takes place.  The act of returning to the castle after completing a mission is usually referred to in shorthand as RTC, or "Return to castle."

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