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    Castle Oblivion

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    The castle where the entirety of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories takes place. It was originally the Land of Departure before Ventus was put to rest.

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    "In this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find. That is the way of things in Castle Oblivion." ~ Marluxia


    Castle Oblivion in itself has nothing special to it except the fact that it holds 13 floors and 13 basements. The design itself of the building is the most puzzling part. In the castle rested many members from Organization XIII and they will welcome 2 groups, one containing Sora, Donald and Goofy and the other King Mickey and Riku. Riku and the king progress from the 12th basement up to the 1st floor while Sora and his friends go from the first floor to the 13th.

    Sora's quest

    Sora will encounter on each floor different members of the Organization XIII and will receive cards containing his memory of certain locations he went to. But his missing memory isn't due to the castle itself but to a little girl held prisoner on the last floor called Namine that he will mistake for Kairi because of her magic tricks.

    Riku's story

    Riku will have the same type of quest but not to find a loved one but an escape. He's with the king himself and in this castle will fight many members of the Organization XIII but the most memorable fight is against his darkness. He won control over it in this castle.


    Castle Oblivion is a mysterious place as many points remain unknown such as how do the floors look like when no card with a memory in it are set? Mysteries are created and remain in Castle Oblivion, graveyard for many Organization XIII members...


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