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Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is a full 3D remake of the original Gameboy Advance title
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is a full 3D remake of the original Gameboy Advance title

Originally released in Japan as part of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ and released on its own in North America, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is a full remake of the Game Boy Advance game Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The game follows the same storyline as the GBA version, bridging the gap between the original Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. Although the game uses the same engine as Kingdom Hearts II, the combat system is card-based, as it was in the original Chain of Memories.

New Content

  • Sora's Final Boss battle has an additional form & Riku's fight with Zexion is now playable.
  • New mini-games for the 100 Acre Wood.
  • Redone music and new pieces that weren't in the original.
  • New cards are available
  • Riku gains a new sleight which allows him to perform a combo with King Mickey
  • Reaction Commands from Kingdom Hearts II have been integrated into the gameplay
  • A special command, card duel, allows players to break stacks of opponents cards in a specific time frame and inflict massive damage (this is only available to Riku)
  • Battles are now 3D and objects within rooms can fire projectiles, inflict damage or initiate battle when struck
  • There is a new version of Trinity Limit
  • Sora gains the ability to glide
  • There are now map card premiums and wild map cards which could redeem any value
  • Pluto is a party character in Sora's story

Clear game data from other Kingdom Hearts games.

Depending on which version of Re: Chain of Memories is being played, having clear data from other Kingdom Hearts games will unlock bonuses in the game.

  • As the game was originally bundled with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, in the Japanese version of Re: Chain of Memories, if players have clear data from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, it will unlock cards based on Organization XIII members that aren't introduced until Kingdom Hearts II.
  • As Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix was not released outside of Japan, in the North American version of Re: Chain of Memories, the cards unlocked by having clear data from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix were changed to being unlocked by just completing Re: Chain of Memories.
  • Re: Chain of Memories (along with Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days) is included in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix for Playstation 3. By having watched all the cutscenes in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, in this version of Re: Chain of Memories, cards based on 358/2 Days will be unlocked. Using the Key to Reward in certain worlds, cards based on keyblades used in 358/2 Days (Specifically the Total Eclipse, Midnight Roar, Maverick Flare, & Two Become One keyblades.)


  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II have issues saving on a 64 MB memory card, even if it's an official Sony card.


Re: Chain of Memories' soundtrack was not released until the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete, which also contain music from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II (as well their Final Mix versions). Re: Chain of Memories takes up Disc 7 & 8 of the set.

Disc 1

1.Dearly Beloved2:22
2.Memories in Pieces1:54
3.Traverse Town1:28
4.Hand in Hand2:41
5.Just Wondering1:14
6.Struggle Away2:15
7.Welcome to Wonderland2:05
8.To Our Surprise2:24
9.Piccolo Resto1:20
10.Olympus Coliseum2:17
11.Go for It!2:16
13.The Fight for My Friends2:57
14.A Day in Agrabah2:17
15.Arabian Dream2:13
16.A Very Small Wish2:22
17.Monstrous Monstro2:03
18.La Pace1:29
19.This is Halloween2:32
20.Spooks of Halloween Town2:22
21.The 13th Floor1:47
22.Under the Sea2:06
23.An Adventure In Atlantica2:10
24.Face It!1:06
25.The Force in You2:12
Total Length:


Disc 2

1.Captain Hook's Pirate Ship2:16
2.Pirate's Gigue1:57
3.Scent of Silence1:57
4.Hollow Bastion2:32
5.Scherzo Di Notte2:01
6.Revenge of Chaos2:17
7.Winnie the Pooh2:32
10.Thirteenth Discretion1:12
11.The 13th Struggle2:29
12.Lazy Afternoons3:19
13.Sinister Sundown2:13
14.Destiny Islands2:40
15.Night of Fate2:31
17.Castle Oblivion3:23
18.Forgotten Challenge2:29
19.Graceful Assassin2:38
20.Scythe of Petals3:16
21.Lord of the Castle4:33
Total Length:53:32

Lord of the Castle was the only track in this game to be re-orchestrated using live instruments for the game's inclusion in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix.


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