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Space Paranoids is a world found in Kingdom Hearts II based on the computer world seen in the 1982 movie Tron.  It takes its name from a fictional video game designed by the film's protagonist Kevin Flynn.  The computer world of Tron is set within the mainframe of ENCOM, Flynn's former employer.  In Kingdom Hearts II, the world of Space Paranoids is found within a computer located in a hidden room in Hollow Bastion that once belonged to Ansem the Wise.
Sora, Donald, and Goofy's adventures in Space Paranoids are loosely based on aspects of the film.  After being pulled into the computer, the three make quick enemies of Sark and become a friend and ally of Tron.  They work together so that Sora's party can escape the computer and eventually are able to take down both Sark and the Master Control Program.  Space Paranoids is also home to a minigame based on the Light Cycle sequence in Tron.  The first time the minigame is encountered, participation is mandatory for progressing the story.  However, the minigame can subsequently be replayed at the player's leisure.
The only characters from the film Tron that appear in Kingdom Hearts II are Tron, Sark, and the Master Control Program.

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