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    The namesake of the Tron franchise, Tron is a security program tasked by his user, Alan Bradley, with destroying the evil Master Control Program.

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    Tron is a computer program that exists within the namesake Tron universe.  He was designed by Encom employee Alan Bradley as an advanced security program capable of serving as watchdog against the Master Control Program, the powerful corporate computer system designed by Ed Dillinger.  Tron is considered a threat to the MCP and Dillinger because he possesses the capability to reveal the corporate espionage and theft that they had performed.
    In the original film Tron, the character is captured by the MCP's forces and forced to participate in the deadly games of the game grid.  However, he manages to escape with the help of Kevin Flynn, a human "user" pulled into the computer world.  At an I/O tower, Tron receives the information from Alan necessary to take down the MCP, and then makes his way to the central mainframe, where he and Flynn work together to stop the MCP and free the system from its rule.

    In Video Games

    Tron has appeared in numerous games over the years, including early titles such as Discs of Tron.  He has also appeared in Tron. 2.0, an unofficial sequel to the original film, and in Kingdom Hearts II, where the story of the film and his role are adapted to fit within the narrative of the Disney/ Final Fantasy crossover universe. He also appears in Tron: Evolution, assisting Anon in the story between the original movie and the sequel Tron: Legacy.

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