Sidequesting, yes or no?

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Hey guys, I'm kind of a newb to the site so go easy on me. I just got the game and I'm finding the main quest pretty good, but I don't really care for the sidequesting in this game. Imo it just feels like it's just a bunch of "go and fetch" quests. Sure some actually have sort of a purpose(unlike most recent rpg's *coughskyrimcough*), but they still feel like I'm just running around doing a bunch of mundane errands for people. That and I kind of feel like I have to do them or I'll be severely underleveled in the main game.Could I just do the main story with a sidequest here and there? Because I've done about 20 hours and the game's already starting to drag because I've barely touched the main story. I'd rather just get on with the game. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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Sidequesting is pretty much pointless in this game and actual destroys the fun in the game as there are way to many and you get exhausted on them, and the game itself, very quickly.

I did only the sidequests in the first hub and then a series which gave you your first house but besides that I never touched them again.

So I would recommend only doing the main quest and the faction quests which had some interesting writing....

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@jbl8199: I suggest doing the faction quests as those can be a bit interesting (eh) but yeah definately skip the random one off quests. Not only are most fo them dull and pointless but they also serve to overlevel you and make the game even more boring. You will not be undereleveled if you skip them, the game scales XP gain so you gain more xp for doing the same quest or killing the same monster if you are of lower level, and visa versa the game will slow down your xp gain if you are overleveled. I did a second playthrough doing only the main quest and faction quests and was very close to level cap by the end anyway.

(also congrats on your first post on the boards, trust me it is far more reasonable and levelheaded then quite a few of new users)

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Thanks for the reply's. Maybe I'll just stick with the main quests then and do the faction quests on occasion. I just don't see the point in doing a whole crapload of sidequests if all the reward is going to be is nothing but some gold and xp with some occasional loot that I usually don't need.

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If you want to just breeze through the main story then you'll be good to skip a bulk of the sidequests. However if you want to be max level around 2/3 the way through the game then do as much of the sidequests as possible. The faction quests however are quite good & have decent rewards as well as new skill cards so I'd recommend just sticking with main & faction then just do the sidequests as a break from the rest.

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Dont do it man, just stick to faction quests and main quests. Plus the game gets way easy if you do all the side stuff becouse you end up over-leveled

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I say just say no to this game in general.

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NO! Skip side quests aka errands at all costs.

Edit: 20 hours? You might have already soured yourself on the game.

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Pick up every quest you see, but just focus on the main and faction quests, everything else you will probably end up doing in the process.

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@Demoskinos said:

I say just say no to this game in general.

There's one in every crowd. I'm not even gonna comment on that one.

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@jbl8199 And yet you still did.
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Do not get caught up in sidequests. The writing is boring and terrible. That was what turned me off from the game. Nothing interesting or worth caring about.

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