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    Consort to the dragon queen Alexstrasza and member of the Kirin Tor.

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    Krasus is the Elven disguise of the Dragon Korialstrasz. Krasus is the second consort of the dragon queen Alexstrasza. Krasus is also part of the kirin tor and is a member of the six. Krasus also goes by the name of Borel who is mainly known by the Blood elves. He was the one who Created Anveena and put the essence of the sunwell within her.

    Krasus is the one who united the dragonflights to form the Wyrm rest Accord, he can be found in the game next to alexstrasza on top of the Wyrmrest temple in the Dragonblight, he also appears next to alexstrasza at the wrathgate after the wrathgate quest scene.

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