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    LaTale is a 2D side-scrolling MMO developed by Actoz Soft.

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    LaTale is a side-scrolling MMO similar to the largely successful MapleStory. Players create a unique character and set out to level, explore, acquire item, and interact with the games community.

    OGPlanet acquired the license to bring LaTale to American shores and is currently undergoing Closed Beta testing, scheduled to end August 6th.

    The game consists of four class-types; Attack Type, Defense Type, Magic Type and Investigate Type. Each class has a primary and secondary attribute that affects overall attack, defense and dodge of the players character. Your character is controlled by the directional keys, attacks, and other skills are performed using assigned hot-keys or the mouse.

    LaTale also features a Virtual Store (concept) like many other foreign MMO's.


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