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A group of evil scientist have allied themselves to create the League of Evil. A lone agent is sent to take care of this threat. Jump, run and fight your way through 160 levels and kill all of the members of the League of Evil.


League of Evil sports a class 8bit style and has a chiptune soundtrack to match the art. Not only does League of Evil have the style and soundtrack of a game made in the 1990s, it also has the difficulty level of those classic games. The game seems to be directly inspired by Super Meat Boy in retro art style, gameplay mechanics, and insane difficulty.

GameCenter Achievements

  • AchievementHow to unlock
    All Your Briefcases Are Belong To Us ( 75 points )Collect All Briefcases.
    Champion of Everything ( 75 points )Got 3 Stars From All Missions.
    Junior Shareholder ( 15 points )Collected 10 Briefcases.
    Mission Complete ( 100 points )Complete All Levels.
    Stargazer ( 25 points )Got 3 Stars From 15 Missions.
    Training Wheels ( 5 points )Completed the training mission.

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