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#1 Posted by slyspider (1827 posts) -

With Patch 6.5 out now (Notes here), Clubs have been added. Clubs are a persistent form of group that gives you a tag in the friends list and in game if you run into each other. While most of Giantbomb is DOTA focused, I figured I'd make a club for anyone of any skill to join in and find some duders to play with. Hopefully newer players can get in and ask the more experienced guys some questions and stuff. For myself, I'm upper plat ATM and I've done payed coaching, free coaching, casted tournaments, played tournaments, and owned several teams under an organization so I feel pretty confident that I can help most people, even though god knows I have a ways to go. I'm making this group in hopes we get more duders to play League and we can all get better together.

Clubs are coming soon (they said in the days to come) and I'll edit this post once I can create one. In the meantime, add me on NA: Slyspider or join the chat room Giantbomb. See you guys on the Rift

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I didn't even know that was something that they added. That's what I get for not reading all of the patch notes.

I would put my summoner name in here so people can add me to the group, but I rage. I'll save everyone the trouble.

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#3 Posted by dkraytsberg (107 posts) -

NA : russianstarfish. im in bronze, but i swear its my teamates :(

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#4 Posted by HelicopterSpy (172 posts) -

I'm HelicopterSpy on NA. Mid/Jungle main, willing to play just about anything. I don't play as much as I used to, but I keep meaning to get back to it. But it just turned Autumn in my game of Stardew Valley sooooooooo...

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#5 Posted by slyspider (1827 posts) -

OK! Today launched clubs and we are officially a go with the Giantbomb Club. Add me to get an invite (if you already added me I'll invite you soon)

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#6 Posted by Blannir (398 posts) -

Very excited for this as I haven't been playing much since my friends computer died. Look forward to meeting some new duders and playing with you all.

IGN - Blannir

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#7 Posted by tedisparks (10 posts) -

I would love to join IGN I revy I

those I are capital (i)

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I'm NA bronze. I don't claim to be anything special, but I do play a lot of Zilean support!

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#9 Posted by darkvare (1029 posts) -

can i join my id is donvare

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#10 Posted by slyspider (1827 posts) -

I've added everyone whose posted and everyone who just went ahead and added me. We are up to about 10 players! Everyone is welcome. Once we get some people on we can actually play some games or something

@matthewgm: Give me your league name or add me and I'll get you in

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Hey I've just gotten back into the game and would love the join the group. ID is Pharmacyst421 Looking forward to it!

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#12 Edited by ramblesnonsense (64 posts) -

NA: WedgeAnt

This is a really great idea. When i played HotS, the GB team was awesome. Just hit 30. Im ok...

edit: sending ouyt a pile of friend requests

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#13 Posted by TheIndomitableSnowman (164 posts) -

NA: JackRyanForPope

I swore off League because I kept getting the worst teammates imaginable, and it was causing me some serious stress. Maybe working with some level-headed people will help me find my smile?

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#14 Posted by IAmADwagon (84 posts) -

I'm down! Wyze Kraken on NA, currently Gold 1.

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#15 Posted by YI_Orange (1354 posts) -

Sure, what the hell.

NA: YIOrange

I mostly play Top and ADC, because I don't want to get stuck as support a bunch. I'm currently Plat 3, but I regularly play norms with people who are bad. As long as you know how to not die constantly we don't have a problem.

I'm also fairly knowledgeable with every role(Jungle being my weakest) and keep up with meta and the pro scene and all that so if people are ever looking for some pointers I'm happy to help.

I wish there was a bigger community for this game around here. It can a fantastic game to have some beers and dick around.

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#16 Posted by InstantRyan (528 posts) -

I stopped playing ranked near the end of Season 4 and now I just play ARAM when I'm not taking a break from LoL. Ranked was becoming too much of a chore and my attitude was just getting increasingly worse with each season, even though I was ranking higher every season (Plat 1 was my high). Started anew the middle of Season 5 and now I'm just a filthy casual playing ARAM and who still follows the pro scene for some reason.

So if you want some stress free ARAMs or feel like playing with a longtime CLG fan, feel free to add me.

NA: Only Half Asian

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#17 Posted by plop1920 (568 posts) -

NA: Ipressbutton

I mostly do ARAM nowadays but I'd be down to play rift with a crew

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#18 Posted by chapternine (8 posts) -

Sweet, sent you an invite and I look forward to playing with you guys. NA: chapternine

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#19 Edited by Getter404 (32 posts) -

Not sure if the I got the chatroom syntax correct, haven't seen anyone else in there & have been checking since last Thursday. Also can never seem to be on at as the same time as Slyspider.

NA: Getter404

Only started getting serious back in October or so (after a year+ of HotS & other lightweights to get my fundamentals down), still grinding my way to 30/proper Runes. Jungle/Support primarily, farmhappy top (Riven, Vlad, etc) in a pinch, generally prefer Tanky Motherfuckers (Vi, Poppy, Tahm, Leona...).

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#20 Posted by slyspider (1827 posts) -

Sorry for going dark for a bit, we have about 15 people in the club now. Eventually I'll set something up as like a play day where we can all play together. If I dont have you in lemme know, make sure to @ me in case I dont check

In other news we got League of Legends on the top site things over the past 3 days so that's something!

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#21 Posted by spitz1000 (213 posts) -
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#22 Posted by slyspider (1827 posts) -

@spitz1000: Done! Invite waiting for ya

Let me know if anyone wants invite powers to the group. Right now I'm only letting GB people in there so it doesn't get flooded with people

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#23 Posted by i_am_not_david (8 posts) -


I'd like to join up!

NA: iamalsonotdavid

Just started getting back into League after taking a long break from it and a lot of the people I used to play with don't play anymore :(

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#24 Posted by ThatThreeDee (38 posts) -


I'd love to join, if there's still some space! My original account got filled with champs I have no clue how to play because I have poor self-restraint so I ended up making a new account in the hopes of spending little to no money on it and I think this is good timing!

I'm kinda starting over and I'd like to take the learning process seriously this time around while still having fun in the process!


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#25 Edited by slyspider (1827 posts) -

@thatthreedee: Logging on now to add you! Don't be afraid to have champs you don't know how to play. I have all of them to trade with people in comp games and I don't know how to play some of them. Have never played 1 or 2 of them even

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#26 Posted by Tophar01 (244 posts) -

I sent you a friend request

NA: Tophar01

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#27 Posted by slyspider (1827 posts) -

Sweet! I'm on a trip till monday, I'll add you into the group once I get back!

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#28 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1900 posts) -

NA: RayDaug

I'm a casual support/jungler. Basically, keep me from last-hitting and I'm golden. Been thinking about doing my qualifiers for a while now but just haven't pulled the trigger.

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#29 Posted by Kagone (29 posts) -

Adding you now. My League name is Kagone. Gold V ADC main.

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#30 Posted by cuttablefurball (35 posts) -

I'm looking to get back into League so I'm pretty rusty. I main Support but I can ADC if I have to.

NA: CuttableFurball

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#31 Posted by Tophar01 (244 posts) -
@tophar01 said:

I sent you a friend request

NA: Tophar01

I just added you again, last time I accidentally didn't accept your friend request. Is anyone still playing League? Where da club at?

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