Lenny's Music Toons

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    Lenny's Music Toons is a musical adventure released for Windows in 1993. It stars Lenny the Penguin.

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    Lenny's Music Toons is an educational musical adventure released for Windows in 1993. It stars Lenny the Penguin and a variety of other characters. Lenny's Music Toons starts inside Lenny's New York City apartment, inside 55 East, Penguin Towers where he enjoys sitting on his couch watching TV. Around the room are various objects that you and Lenny can interact with including Lenny's TV and Phone. Lenny's home acts as the central hub for the game allowing Lenny to catch a cab and go out to various locations to play music themed mini games.

    Infomercial Ordering

    One interesting feature is the ability to actually order in game items from the in game TV set. At random times special Infomercial will begin and the player is able to command Lenny to pick up his phone and order the particular offer. A short time later a package containing the Item will be delievered. The item is then unboxed and different animations are played depending on the Object.

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