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    Les Claypool

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    Les Claypool is an American musician best known as the lead singer and bassist of the band, Primus.

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    Brief Overview

    Les Claypool is most known as the lead singer and bassist for the American alternative rock group,  Primus, who were popular throughout the nineties and noted for their bizarre musical style and lyrical content.  After the band parted ways, (they would later reform in 2003) Les became a solo artist and released more studio albums, usually with different lineups of musicians.

    Video Game Career

    Les Claypool made his exordium into the video game industry by making the music for the Wii-exclusive game, Mushroom Men:  Spore Wars, which was later released on his studio album, Of Fungi and Foe.  Other than this, Les has done little video game work.  He has only been credited in a handful of games, all of which use songs that are licensed into their soundtracks; usually ones performed by Primus.

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