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Lieza is a main character in the game Arc the lad 2. She is a talented magic user who's ability to use protection and curing spells makes her a powerful support character. Elc, first runs into her aboard an airship while chasing after a criminal. After Lieza has been shot Elc decides that he must save her. Elc brings her to his friends house and finds a doctor to patch her up. Once she heals, Lieza thanks Elc and joins in him in his journey to find the people responsible for kidnapping children and performing experiments on them.

Through a flashback the story on how Lieza was taken shows that soldiers from the Chimera Lab broke into her Grand fathers home in the town of Holn and took her away due to her inherit abilities registering off the charts. While Elc is injured she begins a journey on her own to become a stronger person and not have to rely on others. Before undertaking this journey she begins to discover that she has feelings for Elc and hopes this journey will bring insight.

Lieza's Abilities

  • Search - Checks the status of the enemy and exposes any weakness
  • Earthquake - A damaging attack that causes the ground to shake
  • Cure - A spell that heals a characters hit points
  • Grounded Shield - A magical shield that protects characters
  • Weakness - A light ring that weakens foes
  • Power Loss - A magic spell that reduces the attack power of an enemy
  • Spinster - A damaging attack where you spin into the enemies
  • Ravish - A spell that allows you to capture monsters to use in battle

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