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    Lina Inverse

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    Lina is a powerful sorceress and the protagonist of the light novels / anime / manga Slayers. She has many aliases, such as "Bandit Killer," "Dragon Spooker," "Enemy of All Who Live," and "Someone even a dragon wouldn't mess with."

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    Lina Inverse is the protagonist of the Slayers franchise.  She is a sorceress that, despite her youth, commands incredibly powerful magic; so powerful, in fact, that the amount of destruction she's wrought has given her a rather unflattering reputation.  She frequently finds herself in situations where others request her aid, and the promise of gold (or sometimes simply food) is enough to convince her.  Despite her selfish tendencies, she's a good person at heart.
    One of Lina's greatest rivals and erstwhile allies is Naga the White Serpent.  Naga prides herself on being physically everything that Lina isn't; tall, busty, and curvaceous.  Her flaunting routinely incites jealousy in Lina, but the two still work together on more than one occasion.

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